We believe in the biblical principle of bringing our tithes and offerings to the Lord, honouring Him with our first fruits. We are called to honour the Lord with our first 10% (our Tithe) and anything over and above, is given unto His Name and for His service (our Offering). We give, because God first gave to us (John 3:16). CLM offers our members a Tithe Number, which enables you to give in privacy and with ease. If you would like your own number, please CONTACT our Administration.

1) WEEKEND SERVICE - One of the easiest ways to give is during our Sunday morning services, where you have the opportunity to give your Tithe and Offerings during the service. Kindly fill out a Tithe and Offering Envelope which can be found either at Reception or from one of our Ushers.

2) MID-WEEK - If you would like to give mid-week, we have provided a Late Tithe and Offering’s Box which is located at the Sound Booth, at the back of the Main Auditorium. If you would like to use a Tithe and Offering Envelope, you can find one at Reception or from our Administration Staff.
CLM has two banking options with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), using US Dollars or Burundi Francs. If you would like to set up a standing order with your bank, use the following information to help set up either a monthly direct debit or bank transfer.

ACCOUNT NO: 6600101296
ACCOUNT NO: 6600062932
ECOCASH enables you to pay from your mobile straight into our ECOCASH account, just follow the simple steps below.

CODE: 00257

  • 1. Dial *444#
  • 2. Enter your personal ECOCASH pin Code
  • 3. Select (4) Pay Bill
  • 4. Enter the CLM code: 00257
  • 5. Enter the amount: ……….
  • 6. Enter the account number: (name without spaces)
  • 7. Confirm (1)
  • 8. You will receive a SMS confirmation as the transaction is finalised